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Our approach to what could have been a simple underground car parking was to develop an urban plan for a public piazza and a master plan for the public activity of nearby pool Valgersa.

We reacted to the specificity of the site and proposed to introduce a  green filter, conceived as an architectural landscape element announcing a qualified public space, between Piazza and via San Gottardo. For a better definition of the public space, we proposed as well to straighten the boundary line between the 454 and 13 maps, making it perpendicular to via San Gottardo, resulting in a precise geometry element. The resulting space will be defined by building on three edges and by the green screen along via San Gottardo.
The urban characteristic of the area will be even greater as soon as the now projected headquarters of Raiffeisen Bank will be built on the south edge of the property; the goal for the bank owners is not only to construct an office building, but to offer public use space (meeting room, public atrium, residences)  in relation with the adjacent public square.


New square and underground parking garage


Savosa -


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