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The new building is located in a residential area in the Lugano outskirts along Via Cabione, an internal road once characterized by single family houses and a dense vegetation, that recently was transformed with larger complex that exploit in a denser way the possibility of  the planning rules. We have tried, especially in the formal articulation of the main front, facing south, to reduce the scale of the building with a play of volumes that takes up the reduced size of the single family dwellings.
The building, with a floor plan of about 160 sqm, has on the ground floor and on the first floor spaces with similar characteristics, with  two apartments with 3 bedrooms. The largest apartment is located in a penthouse duplex, on the second and third floor, with a large terrace facing south. On the remaining area on the second floor there is a one bedroom apartment.

The basement allows for a parking with 7 cars; its landscaped roof  results in the garden for the ground floor apartment.

The building has a high standard of energy efficiency, with a system of geothermal energy - heat pumps and photovoltaic panels on the roof.

The external wall construction consists in an internal concrete wall, 12 cm thick insulation and an external ventilated concrete brick wall, painted white. To emphasize the horizontal pattern of the masonry texture we used a specific brick relatively low (4.6 cm) and very long (40 cm) in order to  accentuate the shadow lines resulting from the recessed joints.The balconies of the living areas have glass parapets. The sliding windows have minimal profiles in natural aluminum with double glazing.



Residential building


Massagno - Svizzera


2013 - 2015

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