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The construction develops in length on the north-south axis and is divided by two elements with stairs and elevators that enable for the vertical connections to allow access to the different units. The  residential building consists has eleven apartments

Exploiting the orography of the land, the garage was located in the southern part of the building while at the same level we find in the central area the main pedestrian entrance;  northwards there a first apartment with 5 and a half rooms. Consequently, on the first floor the apartments to the south  have access to the garden, while to the north the housing units can enjoy large balconies.
On the second floor, the project still includes housing units for rent, while the penthouse is completely dedicated to the owners ' home.
The exterior façade features a structural internal wall in reinforced concrete, an insulating layer 16 cm thick and a ventilated exterior finish, with light - colour natural stone slabs (Travertine).


Residential building


Montagnola -



2013 - 2018

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