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This four-storey building is located on site along Via Motta in Massagno in the immediate proximity to the church of Santa Lucia.
The particle is characterized by an elongated rectangular shape, with the larger side parallel to the road. This orientation had a direct impact on the typology of the building,  that has to develop in length with a single apartment of four rooms and a half for each of the four floors.
The project is articulated on the planimetric and volumetric contrast of two built volumes. In fact we find the block with vertical connections, staircase and lift, placed in the center of the construction, slightly rotated from the alignment of the facades parallel to the road. This language characterize as well the floor plans where an oblique internal axis marks, the interior living spaces. The central circulation block divides the destinations of use of the spaces of the apartments. In the area towards the church, to the southeast, are located the daytime functions, living room, dining and kitchen, while in the back area, to the northwest, are placed the bedrooms and the bathrooms.
Formally, in the external architectural expression, the double orientation mentioned above is reflected in the materials used for the facades: red bricks for the main casing and exposed reinforced concrete for the tilted central block. A large semicircular terrace characterizes the daytime area of the apartments, giving the building a clear directional orientation. The roof of the attic, directly connected to it, assumes the function of terrace-garden allowing to enjoy the partial lake view, proposing an additional value to this apartment.


Residential building


Massagno -



1992 - 1994

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