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The seven-story residential building is located along the Via Besso in Lugano, a busy street that connects the nearby main station of the city.

The interior spaces needed to be protected from the noise, therefore the construction was placed as far away as possible from the street, resulting in an elegant landscaped area between the entrance of the building  and the soundproof barrier-wall along the road.

This particular condition determined as well the composition of the main facade with linear deep balconies that allow for an efficient noise absorption thanks to special insulating ceilings.

The building is organized with nine level.

The underground floor allows for 59 parking spaces and a series of service spaces (storage and laundries): the entrance is on the ground floor, connected through a gently sloped path that raises from the street level. On the upper floors we have a series of apartments, typically 4 units for each floor, served by two elements of stair/elevators. At the seventh floor, the two penthouse luxury apartments (approx. 250 sqm) are larger and have a direct access from stair/elevator.

We were responsible for the interior design of all common spaces, some typical apartment and especially for the two penthouses: the penthouse on the southwest side was developed as a roof villa, with linear architectural elements, resin flooring, minimal aluminum frames for sliding window and with a very careful relation in detailing the transition between interior and exterior space, resolved with a patio that, thanks to a large sliding skylight, allows for the apartment to assume different characters according to changing seasons and weather conditions.

​We choose as a material for the  façades and for the entrance atrium in the ground floor terracotta elements manufactured by the Tuscany company Sannini. We liked the color, the linear texture and the modern re-discovery of a traditional material, combining a technically efficient construction technique with both functional aspects (efficient curtail wall large element construction on metal structure) and energy - physical excellent characteristics (ventilated insulated facade)


Residential building





2006 - 2008

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