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The new project has  its primary objective to offer high quality spaces for the customers of the bank, employees, residents and the whole community. We have carefully addressed the design of the bank's spaces, the residences, but also and above all the themes related to the insertion in the site and to the relations with the nearby public square . We thought of a place where the encounter between man, nature and construction could create a harmonious entity: an environment where the building protects and assists people, allowing total integration with the elements of nature. Paths, terraces, porticoes, courtyards are transition places between internal and external spaces, moments of meeting, calm, reflection or activity.

The site is in a context that is currently having a continuous transformation. Via San Gottardo, originally a road with casual building volumes, of random typology and size (petrol stations, residential buildings from years 1960-70, department stores, warehouses) has been the subject of significant changes in the recent years. The area is now of an urban scale, with constructions that define more precisely the built front in relation to the space of the road, both in Savosa and in Massagno. The site where the Raiffeisen bank will be located is a crucial element in what will be the new road urban structure. In fact the space in front of the building will become in the near future a square. Therefore we have unique opportunity to transform the urban layout of the Municipality: it is evident that the combination of the open space of the square, the public vocation of the new Raiffeisen bank and the public facility of the pool and park Valgersa (which  will have be redesigned with a more precise morphology in the near future) represent a great occasion to establish a prestigious landmark along the Via San Gottardo.

The new building faces the public space of the future Valgersa square, and creates a transitional situation between the public spaces outside and the entrance hall of the bank. The front entrance is welcoming, transparent and inviting: to accentuate the continuity between external and internal spaces, an important opening, a generous inner court, is placed inside the building, where the important presence of relevant trees aims to convey in the heart of the building the perception of harmony, calm, reflection that only nature can offer. We interpreted in the two "public" floors (ground and first floor) the spirit and values of the Raiffeisen group, proposing spaces that create a pleasant and cordial, open, customer-oriented and comfortable atmosphere for the collaborators. The natural light characterizes the first two levels, both through the stained glass windows on the public square and in the tree-lined courtyard.
In the higher floors the building develops in two volumes: one facing the square, containing the work spaces of the bank, the other, along via San Gottardo, dedicated to the residences that orient themselves on the east/west axis with views towards the green areas of the Valgersa public area. The vertical articulation of the two volumes described above allows a rational and safe organization of the circulations, clearly defining those dedicated to the bank from the ones of the residences.

The building has 4 distinct accesses. The main one for the bank costumers, towards the new Piazza Valgersa; the one for the employees and the one for the public-use seminar room, along via San Gottardo; the one for the residences, south, facing the existing building in Municipality of Massagno.


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