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This historic building is one of the characteristic "palazzo" of the lakefront of Lugano and was an important element of the development of the historical center of the  old Lugano (XVII century). The history of the building is interesting: in fact the intervention of year 1800 consisted in building a new facade that would connect and represent as a single element a series of single existing constructions.
The Airoldi Family, owners of the property, one of the thirty-nine patrician families of the commune, has in the past hosted characters such as Giuseppe Mazzini, Stefano Franscini and the Ciani brothers. A commemorative plaque on the building reminds a concert by Franz Liszt performed there.
The recovery intervention done in the  years 1997 - 1999 had as a goal to conservatively respect the important historical and iconographic value of the building and at the same time to integrate technical and logistical requirements necessary to transform it into a banking institution. Without altering the original structure, the intervention re-ordered and re-structured all the spaces facing the charming inner courtyard. This was covered by a large glass roof structure that allows to use the original granite perimeter balconies as the internal circulation.
This important restoration has allowed the city to recover a precious architectural element linked to its history by saving a building that was in a state of  abandonment .



Renovation of an historical building


Lugano -



1997 - 1999

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