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 The store for Meier+Gaggioni is located within the shopping mall Sefontana, in Chiasso. M+G is not merely a store that sells eyeglasses: the central aspect of the professional activity of the firm is the optometry consultancy. Therefore we decided to give a crucial meaning to the laboratories for view measurement by placing them in the middle of the space, in a spectacular Noah Ark's similar structure that refers to the crucial importance of sight.

The two laboratories are surrounded by displays dedicated to the sale of eyeglasses: we created an elegant ambient, that suggests precision, diligence and purity combining dark wood (Wengé) and various finishes of glass (etched, painted and transparent) to specifically organize the different sale activities, such as glass frames, sunglasses, binoculars, children glasses and contact lenses.


Optical store





2001 - 2002

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