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The land to be built is located in a purely residential area, characterized by buildings of relatively limited volumes and single-family houses.
The site, characterized by a beautiful open view on the west part of Lake Lugano, is a range of sloping lawn that joins via Campagna (at Level ± 0.00) and via Selva Piana (road at level -10.00 mt and -14.00 mt)
Therefore the project, taking into account the above remarks, divides the building volume into three separate blocks, measuring 18x18 meters each  , joined by semitransparent bands of balconies, 12 meters long.
The three volumes have setbacks, directing the view of the living areas, all facing the lake, towards the best point of the landscape.
The aim of the project is to combine the rational aspects of a construction with a unitary volume underground (in order to have a single excavation, a rational distribution in plan, etc.) in combination with a particular attention to the insertion in the landscape.  This resulted in a reduction of the scale of the three built volumes, well distinct from each other and characterized by an articulated front that enhance the insertion and emphasizes the individual housing units.
The pedestrian entrances to the three buildings, as well as the parking lot visitors, are located in the upper street (via selva piana at level ± 0.00) while the vehicular access to the garage takes place from the lower road (via Campagna at level -10.00 mt), narrower and private.
At the level of the common areas of entrance we find the smaller apartments (two 2 ½ and two 3 ½), on the first and second floors we find the intermediate housing typologies (for a total of four 3 ½ and eight 4 ½) and in the basement, besides the cellars close to the ground , there are the more spacious apartments that opens towards private gardens (two 5 ½), while the community pool is in front of the central area that houses the common fitness area.
The public garden in front of the fitness area is separated from the two private gardens by green separations (shrubs, hedges, low trees)
The use of the brick is limited to facade inserts and horizontal bands of balconies that protect on the west side the privacy of private terraces overlooking the lake.


Residential building


Montagnola -




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