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The morphology of the ground allows to develop a project with two separate blocks, in order to achieve with smaller volumes a better integration in the residential context. In fact the area is characterized by different residences with single one-family houses: with our project and with the articulation of the volumes, we tried to reduce the impact of the building by adopting a similar scale and some characteristics of the constructions of the area.

It is planned to build two residential blocks of 6 apartments each. The buildings will be oriented towards the valley, to the southeast, with a relatively closed back front  in the direction of the hill and the road that connects the town of Savosa and Porza (northwest).
Two apartments are organized on each floor,  respectively 2 and 3 bedrooms, with generous balconies and  glazing on the main front.

The façade is characterized by a double masonry with brick cladding,  painted in white to emphasize the horizontal joint texture. The balconies of the living areas will have glass parapets. The window frames will be natural aluminum color profiles with triple glazing.



Residential building


Savosa -


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