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The building object of the present requalification project rises on two contiguous parcels located at the beginning of Via Nassa, a short distance from the main square of Lugano, called Piazza della Riforma.

The following interventions were carried out in the upgrading works: structural reinforcement of the portico and the Northwest façade, on Via Nassa, which had important failures; replacement of the old  elevator that only arrived on the 5th floor, now extended to the 6th floor.
All the windows of the house, for both  properties, have been replaced with metal doors with thermal cut, equipped with insulating glass. The reordering of the two facades also includes a red chromatic finish that represents a distinctive mark in relation to the situation of the surrounding buildings.

Internally the interventions are differentiated according to the desire of the two property owners. The part located at the north was only marginally affected by the work, with minor changes in the internal spaces.

On the contrary, more important were the interventions performed to the south part, where all interior spaces were transformed to allow  placing  efficient and modern office spaces. The complete renovation included  the integration of a new air condition system, sanitary and heating installations, a new artificial light concept and new partition walls. The the construction site was quite challenging since the access of the north block space had to be ensured at all time, even during the process of transforming the internal stair and installing a new elevator.


Residential and commercial building


Lugano -



2011 - 2013

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