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The Building was established as a private banking institution in the mid-80 of the last century. In the years 2000-2001 a second banking group came to occupy the available spaces resulting from the relocation of the main original owner of the building. With this intervention, the plan lay-out and internal logistic has been adapted to the specific needs of the new tenants by modifying spaces and destinations, introducing new furnishing concepts and interior design with elegant materials and Innovative solutions.
On the ground floor we created a large entrance portico and a new atrium to access the building. At the same time, important technical updating works have been carried out with the renovation and actualization of all electrical, safety, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Given the interesting external architectural expression of the original construction, it was not considered necessary to modify neither the facades nor the  volumes, except for the above mentioned intervention on the ground floor.


Renovation of a polyfunctional building


Lugano -



2000 - 2001

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