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The project consists in a new residential building of 8 apartments distributed on three levels.
The main front is ideally oriented to the southwest. All apartments, which will be rented by the owners, have been designed oriented towards the main facade and have generous balconies

The accesses are located along Via Contrada Vecchia: the vehicular entrance is at the southern boundary of the property and connects to an underground parking structure with 11 stalls, while the pedestrian entrance is in the centre of the building, on the main facade,  located at the lowest level of the three destined for the residences.
The Ground floor opens up on three sides and completely underground towards east; this level includes, in addition to the main entrance of the building, two units of 3 rooms ½ and the common laundry. The first and second floors both have 3 living units per floor, one from 3 rooms ½, one from 2 ½ and one from 4 ½.

The construction has a reinforced concrete structure, adequately insulated throughout its volume with ventilated facades and clad exterior ceramic tiles finish. The main front with the balconies is distinguished by the treatment of exposed concrete and for the large "brise soleil" that allow to obtain an interesting visual alternation between empty and full. The contrast of this volume, very airy, with the body covered in ceramics that "insert" the building on the hill, characterizes the architecture of the building.
The volume articulation, with the recesses on the main front, generates an interesting play of light and shadows, creating a reduction in the architectural scale and impact of the building.


Residential building


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