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The building is located on the slope that characterizes the municipality of Massagno, facing  south towards Lugano and its lake. This specific geographic position, the oblong shape of the site and the presence of two constructions that prevent a view on the side facades, have determined during the design a search for a clear orientation in the direction of the slope, towards the City of Lugano.

Therefore we decided to privilege the south-east front of the building, where the main openings are concentrated, in correspondence with the living areas of the residential spaces.

Interpreting the duality of the program (residential-work) and observing the scale of the constructions that characterize the lower part of via Cabione, we  designed a building that consists in two clearly distinct volumes, that are connected by the vertical circulation element - stairs elevator and entrance.


The block destined for the residence, oriented in the more favorable way, has to maisonette-like duplex on ground and first. On the second floor there is another apartment, which thanks to a generous terrace in the living room area take advantage of the view towards the lake of Lugano.

The block to the north has offices that receive a generous diffused light through a glass-blocks wall that develops vertically on three levels. The upper floor, under the vault of the roof, houses a small studio apartment with a double-height space in which there is a loft that accesses to the roof.


Commercial and residential building


Massagno -



1989 - 1992

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