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The project has as priority objective a redesign of the external spaces obtained through the built volumes. The site is characterized by a large plateau facing South (Lake Lugano) and West (sunset). With the new building we aimed to exploit this condition of flat place at the foot of the hill on which the town of Sonvico is built. Three volumes are therefore proposed with elongated blocks of different heights, in order to obtain a series of horizontal elements that progressively  articulate in height starting from the level of the garden, the privileged space for the external school activities.

The program of the competition, including elementary school, kindergarten and gymnasium, suggests the opportunity to integrate some common functions, maintaining unchanged the autonomy of the different buildings. The project represents the volumetric transposition of this interpretation, with a combination of the built bodies: the different schools, organized in separate volumes, combine in a single building connected by the body of the gymnasyum, in correspondence to the area of the common access.

An elaborate sequence of spaces establishes the transition between external (cantonal road) and recreation areas (green zones). The district road acquires a characteristic of peace as the traffic generated by the new school center (parking and loading-unloading) is transferred to the east, near the new municipal house. From this street the students will descend to a protected courtyard, which serves as an entrance square for the school center. a porch introduces to the bright entrance atrium of the two schools and the gymnasium.


New School centre


Sonvico -




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