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Developing from the natural contours of the land, the building has three distinct levels. The first level consists on the vehicular access, a pedestrian entrance and technical rooms.
A staircase connecting the upstairs room above the garage floor, where the entrance and the central atrium of the House: all bedrooms have views to the garden. The  final level upper includes all living-spaces with a large terrace that connects the interiors  with the pool, located at the same level.
The sequence of  relationship between interior and exterior spaces is a main characteristic of the project.

The building looks like a simple block which cantilevers out with volume of glass that encloses the living room; this is the only element spatially taller than the rest of the House. This overhang is a protection for the main entrance of the House, located at the lower level.


One family house


Morbio Inferiore - Svizzera


2015 - 2017

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