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The design approach of this holiday home had to take into account a wide but very steep terrain on the side facing east of the hill that between Agno and Bioggio rises towards the village of Cimo.
The building is located in the lower area of the site, previously exploited as a vineyard and therefore characterized by narrow terraces

This was the only solution that would allow a vehicular access necessary both for the construction work and for the subsequent use of the house. Despite being in the lower part of the ground the view that you can enjoy from the building allows you to embrace with a wide glance the mountains of the Val Colla to the north and the gulf of Agno of Lake Ceresio.
The house is literally embedded in the ground and emerges from the steep hill with a play of volumes and materials that characterize its appearance. Two volumes are built: one is in reinforced concrete with large covered terraces that encloses the real dwelling on two levels with large stained glass windows, the other painted in orange red, to emphasize in a dramatic way the volumetric setting.
The longitudinal element of the pool completes the external environment, integrating in a very cohesive way  the architectural volumes and  the orography of the surrounding landscape.



One family house





2008 - 2010

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