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The site

The new building is located on a sloped land, in the Comune of Morbio Inferiore. The house in part of a residential single-house development designed by the architect in year 2000-2020.

The place, of a purely residential nature, is favourably exposed towards the southwest, in correspondence of the view that opens in direction the Swiss Alps.



The construction

The project of the house generates from the idea of exploiting the slope of the ground to create an external path characterized by 4 different spaces that, at various levels, interact with  the interior spaces of the home.

The living area on the ground floor opens on a large terrace with garden. Through a staircase you reach an intermediate level with swimming pool and terrace. Going down further you get into an intimate patio that overlooks the fitness area at the basement floor. Continuing down you reach a lower level that accesses  the lower part of the garden.


The morphology of the house is therefore constituted by two intersecting volumes:

The first volume is built on the North-South axis and, accessible from the driveway, includes the living area and the garage.

The second two stories volume, perpendicular being aligned to the  East-West axis, includes the bedroom area on the ground floor and cellar, study and fitness area in the basement.


One family house


Morbio inferiore - Svizzera


2008 - 2013

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