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The new building is located on a slightly sloping site, on the limit of a buildable area that corresponds to the edge of the forest. The project is placed in such a way as to be oriented towards the ridge of the mountains of Malcantone, facing southwest.

Therefore we opted to create a feeling of enclosure, with a barrier-like protection towards  the municipal road and the building land to the northeast. On the contrary, the house is open and relates to the garden and the forest, with the generous openings of living room, dining and bedrooms.  The large windows of the living room will allow the interior spaces of the house to find a continuity with the garden and the limit of the forest.

On the ground floor, in front of the garage, the entrance introduces a large open space containing the living room and the dining area, while on both sides  there are the kitchen, storage and a studio. Every ground floor room opens towards the garden.
On the first floor we organized five bedrooms, all southwest oriented. The service rooms (toilets and wardrobes) are instead facing the entrance road. The circulation zones are lit thanks to the gap between the two flaps of the roof, allowing the diffusion of plenty of natural light; Another important natural light source is the window element of the  double-height space of the stairway.

The use of materials wants to highlight the idea of protection towards the municipal road and the desire to open up to look for the light and allow it with nature towards the garden.

The wall that defines the primary envelope of the building is cladded in natural grey stone, with a limited number of openings. The large surface of the roof is detached from the wall through a strip composed of wood and glass so as to highlight the condition of solid base of the stone wall; the fine line of the cantilever eave design with precision the limit of the building.

We tried to ave an interpretation of traditional forms and materials (pitched roof, stone, wood) with  a delicate contemporary sensitivity. Therefore stone is sharply cut in regular shaped blocks, wood is express as cladding, roof is flatter than usual and has very fine eave's edge, thanks to the use of an elegant metal cladding (Titan-zinc).



One family house


Origlio -



2001 - 2003

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