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The project consists in a conservative internal restructuring of a early '900 house on the hills of Tremona, southern Switzerland, that was in a half-abandoned state; we maintained the outside walls, main stairway, internal slabs and existing roof, adding insulation from the inside. There are some changes in the layout of individual apartments, especially concerning a new arrangement of kitchens and services. The characteristic loggia (terrace to the south of the first floor) Is maintained, while on the ground floor we had to restore some windows (east side), which had been closed years ago. New openings are located on the west side, in correspondence with the wing that was in such a bad state that had to be demolished. All technical installation were renewed.
The distribution of the spaces includes common service rooms and an apartment/studio on the ground floor, a two bedroom apartment on the 1st floor and one three bedrooms on the 2nd floor.

The result of the renovation is a house that maintains its primary rural aesthetics features (an original stone "cantina" with vaulted roof was saved from demolition thanks to the owner-architect sensitivity during construction works) but that organizes in the inside spaces perfectly efficient and up to date apartments.


Residential building


Tremona -




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