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The project of the single-family house in Morbio Inferiore, in a complex of houses designed by the firm,  develops considering the difference in altitude between the vehicular access and the raised garden level (about 3 meters). Consequently, the volume built in section has been articulated with a stair in the vertical block that thanks to its shape replies the morphology of the natural landscape, relating to the different spaces from vehicular access (lower level) living spaces and bedroom (garden level) and studio (terrace (upper level). The L-shape composition defined by the vertical block and the low one story element placed on the garden results in the definition of a protected space dedicated to the dining room covered patio.
The sequence of outdoor spaces is particularly articulated and provides open spaces (top floor balcony facing west), intimates (outdoor dining area at the pool), garden (in front of the rooms) and natural ground (slope towards the road).


One family house


Morbio Inferiore -



2006 - 2007

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