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The design of the single-family house located in Morbio Inferiore, southern Switzerland, originates from the difference in altitude between the vehicular access and the garden level (about 3 meters lower). Consequently, the volume built in section had to be articulated, with a stairway from the entrance space that descends in a double height space following the morphology of the site to the lower garden level, creating a flowing relationship between day (garden level) and night spaces (road entry level).
The shape of the building seeks a minimalist reduction the design elements, proposing a simple square box that, aligned to the road, creates a clear and simple interpretation of the site, with a more protected front towards the road and, on the opposite, another completely open, with large sliding windows towards the garden, the pool and the view that opens to the West Alps.

To emphasize the sense of insertion of the volume in the ground, the back wall of the living area, at the lower level, is finished in rough concrete.

The only element that sets a contrast with the strict  linear shape of the house is the curved balcony of the master bedroom, on the upper level, built in a perforated metal panel, a gracious element that somehow refines the aspect of the construction.


One family house


Morbio Inferiore -



2007 - 2009

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