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The project consists in restructuring a simple house originally used as a residence and an industrial building  annex that was a storage for a wine producer.
The renovation of the house includes an expansion of the existing building, raising the roof one floor organizing a new apartment in a double height penthouse.
For the storage building the intervention didn't change the volume of the building, but the spaces were converted on the ground floor into an office and on the upper floor in a loft apartment.

1.House renovation and expansion
The construction is enhanced by modifying the morphology of the roof, eliminating the flap that used to "close" the construction towards the lake and building a simple roof with two flaps. Consequently the apartment that is obtained thanks to the raise of the roof level opens directly to the east,  towards the view of the Lake of Lugano and of the village of Bissone.  The spaces of the ground floor, not modified relating to the volume, are transformed from storage space into a free-plan studio apartment along the road. The original openings were not modified.
On the first floor we restructured the existing apartment, installing new windows, kitchen and bathrooms. The internal court facing west, towards the mountain, is reordered by demolition of some of the existing sheds.
The second floor was transformed into a generous double height apartment, thanks to the raised new roof shape.

2. Storage building converted in office and apartment.
The building had an interesting reinforced concrete structure, in the past used as a wine storage. The transformation of this construction into spaces to be used for the residence (first floor) requested the creation of new openings because the current plant, 23 meters deep, didn't allow to diffuse the light in a consistent way within the apartment's space. As a result, the intervention consisted in a series of cuts, in correspondence of the new terrace facing the lakefront and a the glass patio surrounded by the bedrooms towards the slope of the mountain .  
On the ground floor we simply changed the old windows and converted the storage space into a free-plan office space, designed with a character that refers to the building history.



One family house


Melide -



2003 - 2005

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