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The project of the single-family house located in southern Switzerland develops starting from the vertical gap between the vehicular access and the garden level (about 3 meters lower): consequently, the volume built in section has been articulated, with a stairway that with its shape replies the morphology of the natural land, relating to the living spaces (entry level) and the bedroom areas (garden level). The lower volume is wider than the space of the living room, located on top, resulting in a volumetric composition that results in a large linear terrace for the living area.
The construction of the pool as an extension of the living area becomes an opportunity to highlight the idea of boundary, fence, with a wall that encloses and protects the exterior spaces of the house.
The sequence of outdoor environments is particularly articulated and provides open spaces (terrace to the west), intimates (outdoor dining area at the pool),  garden (in front of the rooms) and natural ground (landscaped slope towards the valley)
The composition of the volumes is simple: the spaces are defined by the cantilever roof slab and by the perimeter walls: the voids that result, along the west front, are entirely glazed. The main volume of the house has a white plaster finish, while the volumes that emerge from the ground facing the garden and that contain the rooms and the pool are in concrete.



One family house


Morbio Inferiore -



2006 - 2007

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