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The Renovation project of the existing building consists in transforming a rural structure into residential house.
Existing perimeter walls are maintained with slight modifications to the openings to adequately illuminate the following premises:
- Two bedrooms + bathroom on the ground floor
- Dining Room + kitchen on the first floor (entrance from the garden at street level + 3 meters)

- Studio on the 2nd floor (Attic)
The existing volume is not changed.
We reconstructed the tiles roof integrating an energy efficient layer of insulation.
A new heating system is installed, with  a heat pump and a wood-burning fireplace.
Where possible we maintained the natural stone in the facades, integrating reconstruction with a "intonaco a calce ton sur ton" finish.

For the opening elements that are completely replaced, (doors, windows, shutters) we used natural wood.
Hardwood floors were applied for first and second floors and for internal staircase while stone tiles are used for the lower floor, partially under ground level.



One family house


Albonago -



2009 - 2012

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