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The house is located on a horizontal terrace of the slope that connects the streets of via Fontanella and via Vacallo in the Municipality of Morbio Inferiore.  The site is characterized by a purely residential vocation and is favorably exposed to the southwest, in correspondence of the open view of the Swiss Alps.
The project consists inf a single-family house organized in a volume of rectangular shape, with a layout of the living spaces on the ground floor, at direct contact with the garden; the bedrooms are on the upper floor. The volumetric composition consists in a simple alternation of full masonry elements and of glass elements, the windows. In correspondence with the main spaces of the ground floor, a double height relates  the first floor studio with the living room.

The volume is carved in the corner, in order to develop a space for a protected living room patio. A separate volume, north of the main building, contains a garage for two cars.


One family house


Morbio Inferiore -



2003 - 2005

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