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The Program of the new Home for Seniors is very articulate; we have solved the various functions in four volumes, related to each other by a range of connections and common activities, so as to ensure on the one hand a certain autonomy to the parts of the program, on the other of the synergies both functional and management.
The main entrance is on the way of the Schools, introduced by a large courtyard; The entrance, bright and welcoming, distributes the various routes that lead to the four departments of the Institute of Care, the day center, the kindergarten, the headquarters "Shield" and the areas of community use. Two cores of elevators and staircases connect the entrance hall with the various levels of the building.
The arrangement of the various functions, solves in the upper floors of the individual volumes the rooms of the wards of the various departments, allowing an excellent exposition (east/west) and a good visual opening (the volumes, arranged in a staggered way, are approx. 30 meters between them and their impact is reduced as they are arranged at different heights, to climb); The rooms have large windows and are characterized by a system of wood panelling that allows an effective modulation of natural light and a certain intimacy within the balconies and rooms. The main common functions develop in the plates in contact with the soil. The location of the nursery and the "Scudo" (South Side, Via Vedreggio) allows a certain autonomy and, if necessary, separate accessibility ("Scudo").



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