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The construction of the deposit for moving, warehouse and self-storage company "Bolliger & Tanzi Traslochi" represents a large scale (approx. 78 x 47 meters) industrial project, that, thanks to a mutual architect - client dialogue,  combines functional aspects, business  commercial priorities,  sensitivity to beauty and art.

The main hall of the building is an open space dedicated as a deposit for moving containers, with two heavy weight bridge-cranes ("carroponte") allowing for a perfectly efficient handling. On the perimeter of the ground floor, along the street, there are 28 boxes of self storage units that can be rented individually.

At the south side, in relation with the front entrance, there is a block that extents in three levels, dedicated to office spaces and to the guardian's apartment.

The different functions are recognizable in the different treatment of construction materials: the choice for main hall of a prefabricate concrete structure allowed for cost and time efficient construction, crucial to the project.

The architects designed the main elevation in a combination of the construction structural rough material (concrete) and perforated metal paneling, painted blue, representing at very large scale the brand name of the company: advertisement and architectural design perfectly match together.

At the entrance of the building there is a statue by the famous Swiss sculptur, Nag Arnoldi, "Gli astati" that represents on one side the desire of the company owner to service at a maximum level of quality and precision, one the other side the sense of firmness and security guaranteed by the company facility.

Of course the building provides complete safety for the stored goods - there is also a large scale safe space for art or other large scale valuable objects - at all levels: structural safety, video surveillance, burglar alarm, security reinforced doors, fire safety, etc.


Industrial building


Caslano -



2001 - 2013

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