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The building is located to the north of the current perimeter of the cemetery and, with its main facade facing westward, it creates a formal definition of the limit for the planned expansion of the cemetery of the Gerra, Lugano.
The design principle focuses on privileging an introverted definition of spaces, both for respect to the delicacy of funeral function and to ensure the sensitive need of discretion, given the proximity of the schools of the Gerra.

The use of the reinforced concrete expresses values of holiness, discretion and dignity, adequate to the place of worship.

The main facade of the building is characterized by  a series of articulated transitions, with a portico of concrete columns connecting and filtering the outside and the inside circulation atrium, built around a series of interior zen gardens in front of the five mortuary rooms.

A narrow glass cut, lit by zenith light, splits the front space, dedicated to spiritual recollection, from the rear, destined to the display of the corpse.


Funeral home


Lugano - Svizzera


2004 - 2007

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