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The urban analysis of the site highlights the value of the land, wide and open to the south/west, while the surrounding urban texture is dense, confused and disordered. 

The building program is quite challenging in relation to the limited available surface of the site: it includes four complete sections for the school and the construction of a communal hall with related accessories. The program imposes a single vehicular access, with car parks, from the south. The other connections with the north core will be pedestrian only.

Starting from these data we expressed clearly as a priority the building of the school, proposing a building concentrated in a single constructed volume, to create a visual reference point compared to the surrounding buildings. In doing so the multipurpose room was integrated into the landscaping of the site and therefore it disappears at the sight of those who live in the school, but emerges clearly towards the south and east, for the benefit of the users.

All accesses to the buildings are concentrated in a single area on the main north-south axis

Arriving, on the right, you will have to descent a few steps to access the porch of the hall, while continuing straight ahead you will enter the kindergarten, that develops upstairs in two didactic room and the garden.


New kindergarten


Comano -




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